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Title: Seahorse Game

Description: They mainly leave in shallow tropical and temperate waters through the world and prefer to be in sheltered areas. We are talking about seahorses. This is the name given to forty-seven species of marine fish in the genus Hippocampus.’Hippocampus’ comes from the Ancient Greek hippos meaning ‘horse’ and kampos meaning ‘sea monster

Very peaceful and cute looking, a lot of people decide to keep them in aquariums but this is not the right place for them. They should be in the water swimming freely. So leave them there!

Game Walkthrough:The main character in this video game is Seymore the Seahorse and he is quite an ecologist. All around the world people are dumping garbage in the seas and Seymore has only one task – to clean them out. You job is to help him to that. Why? Because by doing this he will keep the seas clean and nice for millions of generations of seahorses but people too to enjoy in them. This is a noble mission to its core. Also ‘Seahorse game’ is an educational game. While you play we will give you interesting information about seahorses like that seahorses are the only fish with a tail designed to grasp or hold things. Did you know that? Well this will come in handy while you help Seymore clean the sea. Won’t it? While you play also enjoy the tropical music in the game. It will make you feel like you are on a vacation. Maybe a one at the Caribbean Sea.

Game Instructions:To be the master of the game you will only need two things that you actually have – a keyboard and a computer mouse. To guide little Seymore through the sea you will need the arrow keys on the keyboard. The up key for going up, the down key for going down and the left and the right key for going left and right. Also you will need the computer mouse to start the game and make couple of decisions on the way. So common little ecologist begin with cleaning of the seas.

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