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Title: Coloring Sarah and her Unicorn

Description: Are you a fan of those books that contain line art and the reader is supposed to add color using crayons, colored pencils, markers, or other artistic media? Yes we mean about coloring books - one of the favorite childrenís activities. Children are prepared to color with hours their favorite cartoon characters or some other nicely drawn pictures but actually these books are not just for fun, they play really educational role in childrenís life. Do you like doing this?

Great thing is that children learn many issues while coloring those books. When someone is talking children may feel bored but when they color something, they observe the items presented in the picture and always think or ask about it. Thatís how they learn about shapes and colors but also it is the first step of learning how to write and how to hold the pencil. Creativity is also one component related with coloring. Children think of many variants of colors and think about the best combinations. We could add the hand Ė eye coordination what is also important for kids.

Game Walkthrough:And now we stand in front of a great coloring game, based on the same principles like the coloring books. If you are a kid, hurry up and start playing it and if you are parent or teacher, also donít waste your time and recommend it to your children.

On the picture there is a wonderful picture that every kid would love to color. You can see Sarah and her beautiful unicorn. They stand under the rainbow while Sarah is giving him something to eat.

There are many shades and colors available, so choose the ones you think that are best option and make the picture look perfect. After you make one combination, you can continue with more, after resetting the game.

Game Instructions: Playing this game is really easy. On the right side of the screen there are flowers with different colors. Think which color would you apply on which place and just click on the wanted color to select it. An arrow will appear when youíve selected your color and then click on the part of the picture that you like to color like that. If you change your mind you can always pick other color.

Now itís time to try all combinations, enjoy it!

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