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Title: Safari Time

Description: A safari is an overland trip, regularly a trip by tourists to Africa. Traditionally this term was used for hunting but today it often refers to a trip taken not for the reasons of hunting, but to observe and photograph animals and other wildlife. And since in Africa are generally poor, tourism is becoming an increasingly prevalent economic factor for them. To delevop the turism even more, there are some y specialised safari experiences included like Guided Safaris, Mobile Safaris, Walking Safaris and Fly-In Safaris , Elephant Back Safaris, River Safaris, Primate Safaris, Horseback Safaris, Balloon Safaris and similar. At these times there is even a certain theme or style related with the word, which includes clothing in khaki color, belted bush jackets, pith helmets or slouch hats, including animal skin patternsólike tigerís or leopard's skin.

Game walkthrough: We know that usually people are ones that go to Africa on Safari. Itís not all about hunting, they simply like to get to know the wild world more closely, but what is a zebra decides to go on Safari? Well that is exactly what this Zebra has done! She was spending her time in the jungle when she received a flyer for going to a Safari, and there she is in a jeep, driving through Africa. This is actually a puzzle game that asks from you to combine items to make the space passable. For example when there is a hole on the road, you should have to put some branches and fix the hole, so the zebra may easily pass over. Interesting game that besides the adventure will force you to think little bit more.

Game instructions: You donít have to worry about the controls in the games because they are so simple, all you should do is point with the mouse and click with the left button. But the hard part of the game is that you have to detect the right order of activating the items because only that way you may advance in the game and help the zebra accomplish her Safari.

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