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Title: Round Up

Description: You have seen many cowboys in the movies, havenít you? By definition a cowboy is an animal herder who cares for farm animals on ranches in North America, usually on horseback, and habitually does a multitude of other ranch-related tasks. However, the historic American cowboy of the late 19th century came from the vaquero traditions of northern Mexico and turned into a figure of exceptional meaning and legend. Cowgirls have not so well known historical role. On other hand they in the modern world have set up the capacity to work at virtually identical tasks and obtained significant respect for their success.

Game walkthrough: Meet this sweet cowgirl named Nicki. She has her horse and her lasso and she has to get the pigs that are going out from their stable. You, as her friend, will help Nicki pick all the pigs and for that you will earn points. Know that the further the pig is, more points you will get. On your way, you will meet many obstacles, so you better look out from them, avoid them by jumping. Try to catch all pigs before the night falls because if that happens, itís an end of the game. The same goes if you use up all three energy beads. Also know that the game is giving you little bonuses. Catching a brown rabbit gives you a brown rope and using that rope you get triple points then regular. On other hand, white rabbit restores one energy bead.

Game instructions: Nickiís horse is controlled with the mouse and also the mouse aims the lasso at the pigs. For throwing the lasso, press the left mouse button and try to catch as many pigs as you can. To avoid the obstacles you would need to jump, and that can be done by pressing the space bar.

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