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Title: Puzzle Mania v2 Horses

Description: Weíve all solved a puzzle in our live. You know the job Ė huge pile of pieces that we should put together and at the end get one interesting picture. There are puzzles from 100 to thousands pieces, from the masterís to the beginnerís level. Donít get ahead of yourselves, start with the easiest one and work yourselves up.

If you havenít done it up until now, do it as fast as you can. Get a big puzzle, spread the pieces all over the floor and lose yourself for hours. Also bear in mind - you might get addicted to the game.
Game Walkthrough:Before you start spending money buying complicated puzzles, first master this online version. We are recreating the full puzzle experience for you. So the main mission is to do the job as quickly as possible. Donít get lost in the picture and keep track of the timer ticking. The parts of the puzzle are on the right side of the computer screen and on the left is the field where you have to drag and assemble the pieces. The final result should be a beautiful picture of a horse. Good reflexes, an eye for details and focus are the three things you will need to get the best score in this game. Put on the headphones, turn up a music that is stimulating for you and have fun. Actually solving a puzzle is all about fun Ė remember that and donít get frustrated. Nobody expects the perfect score from right away. We expect you to do the best as you can. As you play the game over and over naturally you will get better in it. So exercise your skills and just enjoy! br>
Game Instructions:Use the computer mouse to play this game. So choose the piece you want to move and click on it. Hold your finger on the left button and drag the piece to the place you want to put it and let go of the button. Itís simple as that. So activate your brain cells and start solving this puzzle!

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