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Title: FWG Knight 2

Description: Game walkthrough: Imagine this: foreign armies of goblins and dragons occupied your country and came to dominate your people. Your army was constantly under attack and everyone of your fellow soldiers lost their lives. You are now on your own to fight your enemies. What is left for you to do? Ride to battle and behead them in one blow! In this game you will have a position of honor and prestige - being a knight. Give your best to be the greatest warrior, because you are the one who is expected to save his kingdom from the evil forces. Carefully prepare your strategy and kill as many enemies as you can. Killing them will get you points and new weapons. The weapons will be upgraded after you reach a certain level in the game. The ultimate goal is to destroy as many foes as you can in order to stop them from conquering your country. Be this courageous knight who persistently shows the qualities of chivalry and loyalty, and proves his honor time after time. Accept the challenge, uphold your oath and tear down everything that stands on your way! It may be a suicide mission and rather impossible, but now this is your only option. Make yourself become the stuff of legend! Game instructions: Use the keys A and D when you want to move left or right. Press W for jumping and S for changing weapons. You need the J, K and L keys when you attack. J is used for normal attack, while K and L are for special and super attack, respectively. It is strongly recommended that you change weapons after using K or L.

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wolfrainer44 (20 January 2013):
WHAT THE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm...  Hmm...
wolvesxponies (7 July 2012):
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