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Title: Pony Memory

Description: Do you like ponies? Oh, who doesn`t?!? They are so beautiful and cute like on other animals! Well, now you`ll have a chance to see a lot of them! Yes, many cute little ponies hiding behind the cards! So, if you like ponies, and you also want to check your memory, you are at the right place!

Game Walkthrough: Let`s go my dear friend! To play this fun horse game you can first choose the mode…so you can choose the level…practice, beginner, intermediate and expert. After this, you will be given some cards, and you can start only by clicking one card. It will turn over, and you can see what`s hiding behind it…it will be a cute little pony! So behind all cards cute ponies are hiding, and there are 2 of them that are the same…so the point of this game is to find those two matching ponies! And you know what? After finding all the matching pairs, you will see the special 'My Little Pony' picture! You will start with only four cards at the beginning, which means you need to match only two pairs, but when you finish this successfully, you can go to the next level, and the number of cards in each further level will be increased! So it will get more and more difficult, but also more challenging! Yeah, this is a really fun memory game with different levels! Come on! See how many levels you can do. For better result you must find all the pairs very quickly!

Game Instructions: To play this fun horse game you need to use only your mouse and click on the cards with the left mouse button! It is easy as that! You are going to love it! So give your best and check your memory!

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