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Title: Horse Racing

Description: And now it’s time for another interesting and easy horse racing game. Why is this game easy? Well the title says ‘Horse Racing’ and in real life this is quite complex discipline that asks from the rider to be really skilled in riding and strongly connected with his horse, so they could reach bigger successes. But here is everything is very simple and acceptable for people from all ages. There is no some philosophy just riding…

Game Walkthrough: Well this game perhaps won’t attract you with its graphics because they are quite simple, developed only to that level that is needed for this game and nothing more. You are in the racing truck together with your horse, and you should start racing on the given sign. You don’t have to come out with some strategy, just ride and try to get first to the finish line. Every next level is something more difficult in a sense that they may appear more obstacles. However, winning the race is not a condition for going further. Even if you lose this level, you may go on with the next but you won’t feel satisfied with yourself if that happens, don’t you?

Game Instructions: So we guarantee you that it would be easy to learn the controls for playing this game and they will be a perfect exercise for your fingers. When you see the sign you should start tapping ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys independently as fast as you can, to make the horse move faster. But by tapping those keys fast, we mean really fast because in opposite case the horse won’t move. When you come to an obstacle, you are supposed to jump and for that you’ll be using the space bar. Remember that you shouldn’t stop tipping ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys when you are jumping, but do it all together. Your horse may be too slow at the beginning but when you get accustomed to the wanted finger-move, you won’t have any problems.

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