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Title: Sim Stable

Description: Game Walkthrough: Stable is the place where all kinds of livestock are kept. This goes for the horses too. With simple words it is a building that has been divided into separate stalls that use for keeping different horses or individual animals in general. They can be constructed on various ways, and their construction is based on weather conditions, surroundings in which they fit in, building materials, historical period in which they were made, and cultural styles of architecture. Stables can appear in different sizes, starting from small buildings for one or two horses, till stables with space for hundreds horses which are used mostly for horse races. Materials that are for the most part used for building stables are bricks or stones, wood and steel. Now when you know all these things, you are prepared for playing this great horse game named Sim Stable. Its kind of a racing game, but before you start racing you must provide the basic things. It means buying a horse, making his suitable stable and buying all the additional supplies. Every horse is characterized with different skills different power, stamina, speed, and you should choose the one that seems best for you. Exploring the skills of each horse can help you learn more about horses in general because you can choose between different types of horses: Mustang, Peruvian Paso, Swedish Warm blood, Andalusian horse, Arabian horse etc. Since you have the horse, buy food for him and buy proper drugs. Do everything, your horse to be prepared for the race. Its good to win the race but also be aware that it gives you money for upgrading your stable and buying more needed supplies for your animal. Be nice with your horse, treat him good take care everything to be all right with him, and he will pay you back double! Game Instructions: There are few buttons that explain you your possibilities. Click on them to do your next step go to the shop, buy food or medicines. You move in the space with the arrow keys, Space bar is for whip, while the Z key is for jumping. Take a good care of your horses and enjoy this amazing game. Good luck!

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