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Title: Beautiful Horse Puzzle

Description: Description: Did you know what all the benefits of solving puzzles are? Believe, there is much more in it that simply having fun. One of the crucial things is that puzzles help developing your problem-solving skills, also help you practice your pattern recognition skills and they are an easy way for keeping you mentally active and fit. Itís good that all this happens in a spontaneous way, without feeling any kind of stress Ė you play but you develop mentally at the same time. And what is that that relates horses and puzzles? Itís an easy one - this Beautiful Horse Puzzle. Here you can try your puzzle solving skills on this wonderful puzzle. Yes, itís about horses, but you will know more only after you solve the puzzle, for now itís just a mess made of different small pieces. Game instruction: As you can see, each of these small pieces has some picture on it but this picture is not complete. You will get the whole picture if you join all pieces together, but only on the right way. All these parts can be moved by your mouse, just drag them and drop them on the right position. Observe carefully and detect all the details, they will give you the answer when you ask yourself how should you combine. Also be careful about the time, fast solving of this puzzle means that your skills are excellent. Enjoy!

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horselover3 (29 April 2012):
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