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Title: Horse Jumping and Riding

Description: Everything seems easy when you are watching it on TV. For example there are so many people that love to follow sports and games on television. But there is one interesting phenomenon about that. Have you ever noticed that they always give comments about what the sportsman are doing wrong and what should they do next? Well, that is OK but I have a different approach. You canít say something bad about things you donít know anything about. Itís like this; you can badmouth anybody unless you have walked in her (his) shoes.

Well this might not be the best motto but itís mine and I think itís the right one.

Game Walkthrough:Youíve might have seen the sport, horse jumping and riding on the television. When you watch it from the chair at home it looks like a piece of cake. But sit on the horse and suddenly you will see that is not the case. We canít find a real horse but we will recreate the full horseback riding experience in this online game. Besides this is closest you can get to experiencing how it is to ride a horse. Yes, in here you will ride a full blooded stallion and also jump trough fences. Donít be discouraged if you donít get the perfect score the first time you play it. You need time to get the hang of it and afterwards you will become the master of ĎHorse Jumping and Ridingí. Here you have to show your perfect timing, your sharp reflexes Ö If you donít have the then donít press the start button. But if you want to exercise and develop these skills than this is the perfect place for you. Give it a go!

Game Instructions:Like all the other games from this caliber ĎHorse Jumping and Ridingí is played with the help of the arrow keys and the space button on the keyboard. You control the horse with the left, right, up and down key and also make it jump when you press the space bar. Thatís it. The rest is up to you.

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magestic beauty (23 September 2012):
Wait. I don't like this game.
magestic beauty (29 August 2012):
This is the most easiest game ever!!! Happy  Cool
Reiny (10 August 2012):
First comment... Yay?
They give you no warning as to when to jump...  Sad  Hmm...
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