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Title: Horse Jumping

Description: Eventing, steeple chasing, fox hunting, they are all activities that involve horse jumping. When you see a horse doing that it seems so easy but behind this amazing ‘performance’ there were many hours of training, equally hard for the horse, as for the rider.

Game Walkthrough: We don’t care if you have tried riding a horse before, as long as you show a good result in the following game. You will ride into beautiful natural surroundings, jumping over different kinds of obstacles. The game starts with selecting your favorite horse and selecting the mode of playing. If you think that you are prepared enough, play the hard mode or start with easy if you play for a first time, and when the time comes, go on with hard mode. While playing the game you will see that there are some different levels included that don’t ask just for a regular ride. For example there is a level where you have to brush your horse after you’ve finished a certain level. The game gives you 4 lives, 4 chances to fail the mission so act smart and get to the finish line.

Game Instructions: Well the mouse and the keyboard will be all that you need for playing this game. First you should select your horse and for that you have to click on the arrows with the left mouse button, so you can go through all available options. Also brushing the horse will be done by using the mouse. For riding you’ll be using the Left and the Right arrow keys and the space bar if for jumping. The procedure of jumping goes like this - press the space bar and wait till the jump rectangle is filled and when you see a white horse icon (or a red horse icon for bigger jumps), release the space bar. Now it’s time to show how good you are!

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magestic beauty (17 June 2014):
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