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Title: Horse Athletics

Description: Sports that include horses are favorite for many people. The first thing that is really attractive for the audience is the look of the horse since they are all so gracious and handsome. All of them shine with a certain dose of dignity what makes them even more attractive no matter what they do - move, walk, run or jump. However, their beauty is not their only ‘talent’. We all admire them when we watch them taking part in those equestrian sports, such as show jumping but also in fox hunting, steeple chasing, and eventing, but also their relationship with their owner or rider is something special.

Game walkthrough: This is a great chance to take part in this special event – Horse Athletics. This event consists of tough track and field events that are divided in 5 disciplines that ask for having different skills. You have three furlong spirit, jockey shot put, hedge hurdle dash, water triple jump and jockey hammer throw. If you are still an amateur in this game, you better start with practicing all the disciplines but one by one, so you’ll prepare yourself for the big event that includes them all. Some of the disciplines are quite serious but some of them are really funny so prepare yourself for some great time spent playing them!

Game instructions: For the first event – three furlong spirit, you’ll be using the left and right arrow keys. You should press them alternatively, as fast as you can and your objective is to complete the three furlongs in a shortest time. In jockey shot put your objective is to throw the jockey as far as possible, so power up your running by pressing left and right arrow keys and then press up arrow key to set the angle of your jockey’s trajectory. In hedge hurdle dash you also run with left and right arrow keys and you jump with up arrow key. The same commands apply for water triple jump and jockey hammer throw, but you better check out the instructions to learn more about the details of playing each discipline.

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magestic beauty (13 August 2012):
I don't hate it, nor do I love it, but I like it. Clap hands
*:ShOwHoRsEgAl:* (11 May 2012):
I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad  @  Sad  @  Sad  @
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