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Title: Horse jump

Description: All horses are beautiful. They are so gracious to look at them but also when they move, walk, run or jump awakening admiration between the ones who watch them. You have probably seen on some show horses to jump over obstacles but that is not the only time when they do that. Jumping plays a major role in many equestrian sports, such as show jumping but also in fox hunting, steeple chasing, and eventing. Since in horse jumping the horse and the rider act like they are one, the biomechanics of jumping, the influence of the rider, and the heritability of jumping have all been in the focus of many researches.

Game walkthrough: In this game you will take part in a real horse jumping tournament. There is you and your beloved animal, riding in this beautiful nature. You have to show that you are like one with your horse, riding really fast and jumping over every possible obstacle. The point is to finish the race in a shortest period of time, to jump over each obstacle but also not to destroy any of the obstacles. It is really easy to hook yourself on some of them, but a little practice will help you become better and better. Donít get satisfied with little, ride and jump till the moment when youíll feel like the wind, jumping over the obstacles without making any mistake.

Game instructions: Before you start playing, you need to check out the instructions of the game. To go faster you should click the right arrow key and to go slower, press the left arrow key. Youíll be making the jumps with the space bar, and with little practice you will learn how to command. It is permitted for you to make a few mistakes in the game, but if you make too much, then itís over. Also be careful about the time, you donít want to waste it without making a good score.

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