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Title: Asue the Horse

Description: What should you do when you are stuck in a room with objects that seem that donít have anything mutual between each them? Well keep the answer for this game; youíll definitely need it if you donít want to stay there. Description: Asue the Horse is the first episode of "A Series of Unexpected Escapes". Itís a common type of an ďescape the roomĒ game where you should open your eyes wide and try to notice everything that seems unusual, but also the usual things, because they both may give you the answer. Observe and remember the details because that way you are going to be able to solve the puzzle. See the objects but donít forget to interpret their hidden meaning. Just concentrate and donít save your brain, thinking is all you need for this game. Game instruction: When it comes about the instructions, this game is not complicated at all. Itís a type of a point and click game, but the thing that itís complicated is the puzzle in the game. We hope youíll find the key and escape the room. Good luck!

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roseismygirl (7 April 2013):
im clastrophic
wolfrainer44 (15 January 2013):
Weird Hmm...  Hmm...
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