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Title: Buckaroo

Description: A Buckaroo is a cowboy of the vaquero tradition of the Great Basin and California regions of the United States, particularly one skilled in the handling of horses. The term is believed to have originated as an anglicized version of vaquero, though there is theory that the term was derived from bucking, a behavior seen in some young or fresh horses. Bucking is a movement performed by a horse or bull in which the animal lowers his head and raises his hindquarters into the air, usually while kicking out with his hind legs. If powerful, it may unseat the rider enough so that he falls off. Bucking, though a potentially dangerous disobedience when under saddle, is a natural aspect of horse behavior. It developed in the wild for the purpose of protection from feline predators such as mountain lions, which would attack horses by dropping onto their backs from above. The process of kicking out with both hind legs, another defense mechanism for the horse, also results in a mild bucking movement.

Game walkthrough: Do you think that you are good with animals? Do they like you and allow you to be in their surrounding? And most important, do you have any experience with horses? There is a reason why I am asking all this questions. This task will not be easy at all, so you will need to be prepared, or it may cause you your life. You will need to load the given gear onto Buckaroo’s saddle. But you are going to have to be very, very gentle, because you never know; he may buck at any second. And if he does, it is not going to be fun at all. So try to be as careful as you can while doing this task. Load the gear one by one and whatever you do, do not upset our horse, because the consequences will be bad for your health. Once you are bucked, you are out of the game and you will need to start all over again.

Game instructions: The list with the items you will need to load onto the horse will be given on the left side of your screen. Pick them one by one, by using your mouse and dragging them onto the horse. Once you have loaded all the items, click on either the up or down arrows right next to the list and it will unravel even more items in need of a load. You will have quite a lot of items, but be careful. There is no time limit, so I advise you to take it slowly in order not to upset the horse. Also, there is no pattern, so put the items as you think most suitable. Good luck, you are going to need it!

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magestic beauty (27 August 2012):
YAY!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool  Happy
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