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Title: Pimp My Pony

Description: I am sure that you have all heard of the TV show, which aired and was produced by MTV, pimp my ride. In each episode of that show, the crew took one car that was in very, very poor condition and it restored and customized it according to the wishes of its owners. First, the owners had to, letís say show off their ride and try to convince the crew why it needed to be pimped. Once someone is selected, the next step is going to their house and checking out the ride and the owner to see what they will need to do and how to do it. The result was a custom modified car, tailored to the personalities and interests of the owners.

Game walkthrough: There is a reason why this game is called the way it is called. You will notice one small difference, though. Instead of pimp my ride, here, you will need to pimp my pony. How about that!? So, you will need to give the pony a complete makeover, from head to toes. Well, actually, from head to hoofs, because well, horses donít have toes. You can call your brothers, sisters, friends, and they can be the owners of the pony and they can tell you what they want and how they want you to dress up their pony. Or, you can simply dress it up the way you like it the most. The choice is yours, and you have a huge choice of clothes, wigs, and make up. So use your imagination and give this pony a whole new look.

Game instructions: To play this amusing and creative game, you will only need your mouse. On the right side of your game screen you will see several icons, each representing something different. From the top down, you have wigs, eyes, clothes, shoes, etc. All of that is to make the pony, as well as the surroundings, look beautiful. To choose from the different stuff, just click on each icon several times, and when you find the one you like, move on to the next item. I am sure that you will be great at this and you will make the owners of this pony proud. So turn on your creativity and begin!

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