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Title: Horsegame

Description: Hello all you horse lovers! Now itís the ideal time to learn some interesting facts about your favorite animals! - Hyracotherium is the name of one of the first horses. Hyracotherium lived about 50 million years ago and, believe it or not, it was as tall as a fox and it had toes! This horse has been changing over millions of years to become a modern horse. - Horse's height is measured in hands. Each hand equals four inches, for example If you say a horse is 16.2 hands high, the 2 stands for 2 fingers. - The age of the horse is determined by how many teeth it has. A horse gets all of its teeth by the time it is five years old and after that, they just get longer. - A female horse is called a mare and a male horse is called a stallion. - Any mark that appears on a horse's forehead is called a star, even if itís not shaped like a star. - Horses express their feelings according to their facial expressions, using their ears, nostrils, and eyes to show their moods. For example, you should be aware of a horse that has flared nostrils and their ears back. That means it is prepared to attack!

Game Walkthrough:If you love horses and at the same time you love puzzle games, you will definitely enjoy the following game. In this game youíll have to solve themed puzzles and the theme of the puzzles are horses. You will enjoy different horse pictures Ė horses in the wild, horses that run in the sea, horses in the fieldÖ There are six pictures separated into particular number of parts. First you should do is to choose the picture that you enjoy most and after that choose the mode. You can choose between two modes - easy or hard. The difference between the easy mode and the hard mode is that in the easy mode the picture is separated into 9 pieces and in the hard mode into 16 pieces. In case that you realize that itís not going as it should with some picture, begin it over or select the other playing mode. In case you simply canít detect the way out, replace the picture and go again after a while, it is possible next time to have more luck!

Game instructions: For playing this game it would be quite useful to manage to organize you future steps. The game is based on moving scrambled pieces of pictures, in order to make the picture as it originally is, but the hard thing is that you may easily get stuck in the game if you donít organize every your move. The game is played simply by using your mouse. Just click on the piece that youíll like to move and it moves in the available direction! Good luck!

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