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Title: Simon in Wonderland

Description: Wonderland is the setting for Lewis Carroll's 1865 children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In the story of Alice Wonderland is located underground, and Alice reaches it by traveling down a rabbit hole, possibly on the banks of the Thames between Folly Bridge and Godstow. While the location is apparently somewhere beneath Oxfordshire, Carroll does not specify how far down it is, and he has Alice speculate whether it is near the center of the earth or even at the Antipodes. The land is heavily wooded and also grows mushrooms. There are well-kept gardens and substantial houses, such as those of the Duchess and the White Rabbit. Wonderland has a seacoast, where the Mock Turtle lives. The land is ruled despotically by the King and Queen of Hearts, who frequently enforce their whims through decrees of capital punishment and kangaroo courts. There is at least one Duchess.

Game walkthrough: This game is a bit different from Alice in Wonderland. First of all it is called Simon in Wonderland, and it is about a very cute little horse named Simon. He is now in wonderland and his task is to find his beloved one and bring her four shoes so they can run together and happy through wonderland. But his task is not as easy as it may seem to you. On his way to his beloved one, he is going to have to pass many obstacles. There will be holes, stones and trees that he will need to go over, or else he will lose energy which is vital to him for the next challenges he will encounter. Also, he will need to watch out and not let a little hedgehog and a flying wasp hurt him even more. To regain some of the energy lost from the obstacles, you will need to collect pieces of cake you see along the way. Try to eat them all, so that you have energy for the next levels.

Game instructions: This game is played with your mouse. Move it to the left or right to slow down or accelerate, while to jump over obstacles or to collect cakes or horse shoes, press the left mouse button to jump. Remember one thing, the more speed, the higher the jump. You will need this to jump over some bigger obstacles. On the right top corner of your screen you can keep track of the energy bar, while on the left corner is the hanger where you put the horse shoes. In the middle, between these two, you will see a little clock which shows you how much time it takes you to reach Simonís beloved one. So hurry up and help Simon and his love be together as soon as possible!

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