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Title: Horse Ranch 2

Description: How wonderful it is to own a ranch? Your own property in the middle of nowhere where you can relax, breathe fresh air and just be away from the crazy city life.

Yes, I understand that having a ranch is not an easy job. That’s a big property that you have to take care of and what about the animals? You must clean after them, feed them, clean them … There are millions of things you must do every single day to keep them happy and healthy but all of the troubles are so worth it. Because having a ranch is the best thing in the world.

Game Walkthrough:This time we focus on one aspect of owning a ranch – breeding horses. Those beautiful graceful creatures need a lot of care and attention and you will keep an eye on everything – are they hungry, are they happy, are they healthy? You must think and follow all these things to have a happy horse. The animal is placed of course in a ranch surrounding and there are silos, a barn, a track … Each of these places naturally satisfies a different need that your horse has. Also it’s important to say that your animal is a racing one and if you keep him OK than he will win some races which is actually the point of the game.

Game Instructions:The only thing you need to take care of your horses is the computer mouse. Leave the keyboard alone, put your hand on the mouse and start clicking. From the technical point of view is easy to play this game but to win it than you must keep your eyes open and pay attention to your horse’s needs.

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PonyPower (23 February 2014):
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