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Title: Pennys Jump Off Game

Description: Mounted search and rescue (MSAR) is a specialty within search and rescue (SAR), using horses as search partners and for transportation to search for missing persons. SAR responders on horseback are primarily a search resource, but also can provide off-road logistics support and transportation. Mounted SAR responders can in some terrains move faster on the ground than a human on foot, can transport more equipment, and may be physically less exhausted than a SAR responder performing the same task on foot. Mounted SAR responders typically have longer initial response times than groundpounder SAR resources, due to the time required to pick up trailer, horses, and perhaps also water, feed, and equipment.

Game walkthrough: Your task in this game will be to find Ben. And, because of the rough terrain, you are forced to jump on a horse and look for him this way; it will be easier and faster. While searching, you will encounter many obstacles on the way and you will need to make sure that you cross them. You will need to jump logs, rocks and fences with your horse, but while he will do the physical work, you will need to do the mental one and decide when it is time to jump. If you jump too early or too late, you will fail. Every successful jump will give you points, while the unsuccessful one may cost you a horse. Also, while on the search, try to collect as much apples and carrots you find along the way because they will also bring you points. Once you find Ben, your journey is completed.

Game instructions: To move your horse and Penny, drag your mouse up or down. If you like to move them faster, than drag your mouse to the left of your screen. To jump over the obstacles along the way, press the space bar on your keyboard. Every successful jump will give you 750 points. Also, donít forget to collect the apples and carrots. Your lives, score and time are all given at the top of your game screen. Now hop on that horse and go find Ben, he hasnít got much time left!

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ponygirl9 (27 November 2012):
This game is kinda hard!  Hmm...  Hmm...

I love onE direction and horses
magestic beauty (26 October 2012):
I like American girl. They made this game. Happy  Happy  Cool  Wave  Clap hands
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