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Title: Animal Stacker

Description: Have you ever been on a farm, you will know that there are a lot of farm animals living alongside with the people there, and that the people are quite dependent of the farm animals. The people on the farms make the animas suitable homes, give them food and water, wide areas with green grass where they can walk, take the sun, and eat, as well as grooming and taking care of them on daily basis. In return, the animals on these kinds of farms give people food and even labor force. Cows, goats, and sheep are used for milk, cheese, and meat, horses are usually used as transportation and labor force, while pigs are used only for their meat. There are also many other animals that people keep on farms, but these that I have just mentioned are the most common ones, and the ones that people make use of the most. There are also a lot of birds, such as geese and duck, and even pets, such as cats and dogs. A farm is a great place, and an example of how people and animals can live alongside one another and help each other mutually.

Game walkthrough: The following game is quite the unusual one. I am sure that you have never come across a game, even similar to this one. It is not your usual bike riding or makeover game, but this one is called animal stacker game. So, here is the deal. There will be an item on the bottom, something like a big well, and your job will be to stack the animals that come along as high as you can, one on top of the other. They will appear on the top of your screen and you will need to put them in the well, and make sure that none of them falls down out of the well. So, all the animals need to be in the well, and they need to go a high as they possibly can. So, you will need to make a plan and see which animal goes on which, so that you get a high stack of animals. You can lose only five animals, that is, if you lose a fifth animal, you lose the game. So you need to make sure that this does not happen. If you think that some animal is too big and you cannot find a place to place it, just let it pass.

Game instructions: You will need only your mouse for this one. The animals will pass on the top of the screen, and in order to stack them, you will need to click on each animal in order to fall down in the well. On the top right corner of the screen you will see how much lives you have got left, that is, how much more animals can fall down from the well, while on the other side, the top left corner, the height of the stack is shown. That is about it when it comes to instructions, so let us see now how high you can go!

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