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Title: Pony Kindergarten

Description: Many people remember the period when they were in kindergarten as one of the best periods in their life. Playing with friends all day long, nothing can disturb young children! That was the time of carelessness and innocence. The term was created by Friedrich Fröbel for the play and activity institute that he created in 1837. This institution was imagined as a social experience for children for their transition from home to school and his aim was that kids are supposed to be taken care of and nourished in ‘children's gardens’ like plants in a garden. Nowadays this term is used around the world to illustrate an assortment of various institutions that have been developed for kids ranging from the ages of two to seven, depending on the country concerned. Singing, playing, activities, experience, and social interaction are now broadly accepted as vital aspects of developing skills and knowledge.

Game Walkthrough:Have you ever imagined how does Pony Kindergarten look like? Well it’s quite similar to the real kindergarten, a place where you can leave your kid (pony) and the teachers will take care of him. In this case you will be the person that will take care for two lovely ponies. Like small children, those little ponies have many wishes and needs and you should react on time and answer their needs. Sometimes they will like to drink some milk, sometimes they will need a meal or a dessert, they need a brush or simply love and someone to play with them. Above their head will show a cloud in which their need will be shown. Click on the item that represents that need and do the right move so the need will be satisfied.

Game Instructions: You will easily learn the commands for this interesting game. You will use only the mouse, doing different moves. All the moves are shown at the beginning of the game, so try to remember them and avoid having any problem. For some actions you have to move the mouse up and down, for some you’ll have to make circles…, do everything your ponies to be happy and satisfied.

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