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Title: Little Ponies Ballet

Description: Have you ever seen some ballet show? If you didn’t then you’ve missed a lot! Extremely well prepared ballet dancers, dancing in the rhythms of an amazing classical music, making incredibly acrobatic moves in a beautiful scene – that is a real joy! Ballet is a type of performance dance that has its roots in the period of the Italian Renaissance that occurred during the 15th century. After that ballet was further developed in France and Russia as a type of a concert dance that become a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary that includes a variety of complex moves. At the beginning ballet was played with the addition of classical music but after it developed many different forms of dancing like expressionist ballet, neoclassical ballet, and elements of Modern dance.

As we previously mentioned, ballets are choreographed and performed by trained artists and their work includes mime and acting as well. The ballet fits in the initial techniques for lots other dance forms and it is really difficult to master and asks for a lot of training. The dancers often wear conventional short white French tutu.

Game Walkthrough: We recommend this game to the girls, especially to the ones that are fond of dancing, or just like to watch someone dancing. What can be more beautiful than cute pony horses that know many ballet moves? There is one pony that always has a place on the scene and the others are put there, according to your wish. Make a ballet group, choosing as many members as you like, and after that decide which moves would you choose and on which song will they dance. That way you will see how the choreographers work and you’ll definitely like that work. After you are finished with that, select a proper scene for your ballet dancing group.

Game Instructions: Since your ponies know all the steps, you don’t have to worry very much. Just use the mouse and click to choose whatever you need- which ponies will dance, what moves will make… Prepare a wonderful show and enjoy the dance!

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