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Title: Hungry Tazz

Description: Tasmanian devils are not beautiful animal and they are found in the wild only on the Australian island state of Tasmania. They are the size of a small dog; have a black fur and a specific smell.

But one animated Tasmanian Devil also known as Taz become a celebrity as a character in the ‘Warner Bros’, ‘Looney Tunes’ series of cartoons. He was one of the more known characters and he was portrayed as a short tempered animal with an appetite that doesn’t know for boundaries. Also he doesn’t speak but he grunts and growls and he is known for the ability to bite almost through anything.

Game Walkthrough: You have to satisfy Taz’s appetite. As we said, this animal is hungry all of the time but luckily in this virtual game there is a lot of food around but you have to help him catch it. The other characters from the ‘Looney tunes’ series are throwing burgers, pizzas, tasty sandwiches over a brick wall and you control Taz in his mission to eat as much as possible. But if it’s that easy it wouldn’t be interesting. Don’t you thing? The first tricky thing is that also dynamites and bombs are falling from the sky and if he eats them they will give him indigestion. The second problem is – when Taz doesn’t catches the food and it falls on the ground the meter for not used food goes up and when it reaches the top, the game is over. So you have to be very fast. Can you do it?

Game Instructions:Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move Taz around. It’s not that complicated, you can press the left and right arrows to go in the necessary direction. But the problem is that this game is so dynamic that you must be fast and efficient. So it’s dinner time! Press play and feed Taz!

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