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Title: Baby and horse

Description: Being a painter sounds awesome, doesnít it? With the brush in your hand and the big canvas in front of you, you create beautiful creations.

You donít have to be the next Picasso to paint. You just need to enjoy in it and give it a try.
Game Walkthrough:There is a girl and a horse but they are presented very minimalistic and you have to paint them. You have different colors you can choose from and a painting brush in your hand so you have everything you need to create the perfect painting. There is no winner or a looser in this virtual online game. You can paint and do and redo everything as much as you can. We wonít give you a medal for finishing; your medal is enjoying the game. The goal is to create the perfect painting for your eyes. That means that someone else might hate it but that doesnít matter. We are not here to win points; we are here to have fun. At the end when you are done with painting, you can print the picture and put it on your wall. So we believe itís clear what type of a game is ĎBaby and horseí. Definitely a relaxing one where you can show of how creative you are.

Game Instructions:Take the computer mouse in your hand and thatís it, you are ready to play. You have a list of different colors at the bottom of the screen and you can choose from them by clicking. First click on the color you want and then click on the thing you want to paint. Itís that simply. Come on little artist, start being creative!

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