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Title: Egyptian Horse

Description: The Arabian horse is known as Egyptian horse as well because he originated on the Arabian Peninsula. That is actually the horse of the Bedouin people and one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world with his distinctive head shape and high tail carriage. His head is short and tapered, jowls deep, with eyes that are dark and large. It is also one of the oldest breeds, with archaeological evidence of horses that resemble modern Arabians dating back 4,500 years. This horse has a sleek and supple skin, the legs and jaws clean of long hair and the mane and tail is soft. The most common colors are bay, chestnut. grey and brown and his height is traditionally within the limits of 14.1 and 15.1 hands. Arabian horses are symbol of speed and lightness in their movement. Their walk is supposes to be fast and free with the hind feet overstepping the front track by some 8 to 12 inches. The trotting act is also free and the feet seem like they reach out and float at full stretch, before touching the ground. The run is smooth and elastic while the gallop is free, yet light, covering even rough ground with a big stride and smooth ride.

Game Walkthrough: There are many love stores and this is one of them. We are not going to narrate you about a story where princesses meet their prince, but it is also very romantic story, like no other before. This girl has been riding her beautiful Egyptian horse through a cruel desert. She is trying to find her beloved after his jeep journey has turned into a terrible happening, and now he desperately needs water. She starts with water in her wooden water bucket and you should help her avoid all the obstacles that will come on her way in 6 interesting levels, of increasing difficulty. You should help her jump over those obstacles on time, so she wouldnít lose her water. The first obstacles are small and easy but in more advanced levels you have enemies on the sand, as well as UFO attacks and falling eggs from the sky, from rolling tumbleweeds to desert hedgehogs, cobras, buffalo skulls, iguanas, armadillos, turtlesÖ in the third level you may get a help from an eagle who can help you by flying down and grabbing an enemy. The point of the game is to save those young lovers and to bring him the water but to achieve that, you should make all the right jumps so you donít lose the water and your lives. Do your best to help them!

Game Instructions: You know what is your task in this game so now itís time to learn the instructions for playing it. the up arrow key will allow you to do short jumps to jump over smaller obstacles and that jump gives you 10 points (like the other jumps as well), while the space bar is reserved for long jumps. For the eagle youíll be using the X key, so he would fly down and grab an enemy. You should make the jump at right time. If you make it too late, or too early, you lose life. The real challenge of the game begins at more advanced levels where you have to press the correct key at the right time for the right obstacle. If donít press the correct button, you lose water from the wooden water bucket. The thing is that you have only six chances to make a mistake but on other hand at the beginning of each level you have a chance to refill your bucket, by touching the water that appears in the middle of the desert.

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