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Title: Chariot Stunt Pro

Description: You are probably familiar with all those stunt shows with trucks and motorbikes that are performed in front of large audiences in the modern arenas around the world. They are extremely popular, especially in the United States. But, do you know that this kind of shows existed even in the time of the Ancient Empires, especially those that where rich enough to build large structures that will have the capacity to gather in one place thousands of people. Every civilization has invested in sports and entertainment because people in that time were fond of it as we are today. They were not so different from us when we speak about free time and enjoyment. You are welcome in this interesting and exciting story, but one that will take you back in time in the Era of the Romans. Besides the bloodthirsty gladiator fights that were popular in that time, there were also some less dangerous, but in the same time very extreme stunt shows using chariots. There were racings on different distances. One of the most famous arenas was Circus Maximus, near Rome. Romans usually went there to see some action. Well, here we are, back in time. Let's see what it looked like!

Game walkthrough: At the beginning you should choose your favorite competitor: the hero or the heroine. Then you should choose a chariot that will suit your competitor. There will be given some stats about the speed and the possibility for jump of each of the chariot that are offered. So choose your champion and his chariot and accept the challenge. There are 6 different levels in this challenging game. It is mainly consisted of jumping over elephants with the help of a specially designed ramp. Of course, it is very important to know that you must be very careful, because you only get 3 attempts to clear all 6 levels. The hearts on the lower right part of the screen represent your lives. The miniature Chariot at the bottom of the screen shows your progress on the track. If you pass all the challenges successfully, you will be promoted as the Winner and you will become very rich and famous. Now that you have proven that you are a real hero and gained the peoples favor, you can enjoy this status. Enjoy it while it last. Click the question mark at any time to make a pause in the game and review the instructions if something is not clear to you.

Game Instructions: To control your horse that caries your chariot you should use some of the keys on your keyboard. First, it is most important to learn how to speed up your horse. Quickly tap the Left and Right Arrow keys on your keyboard to increase the speed of your chariot. You should do that interchanging mode, shifting from the one key to the other. Watch the speed gauge to tell how fast you are going. As you approach the ramp the jump meter will show your jump power. Press the Space bar when the jump meter is in the green to make a perfect jump. Choose the right moment for jump and you will fly high above the elephants and you will leave the audience without words. There will be only the sound of their applause that you can hear. And that will be the only sound that could be heard miles from the arena.

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