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Title: Lovely poni

Description: Do you love ponies? Oh, they are so cute, everybody loves them! Have you ever tried to ride a pony? Ponies are actually small horses. Let`s see some of their characteristics! They have thicker manes and tails than horses and their legs are proportionally shorter, they have thicker necks and shorter head. There are miniature horses which are even smaller than ponies. If a pony is well trained, it is great for children if they want to learn how to ride a horse! But ponies are not used just for riding; they are also used for driving and working. Hackney ponies for example were first used to pull carriages. Did you know that young ponies are called foals? Shetland ponies are little but they are very strong. So, maybe you will be surprised, but ponies are actually stronger than horses. Yeah, it`s true! These cute and useful animals are easy to take care of, and they only require half of the food that a horse of the same weight would eat. So if you want to have a pony, you see that it is not that complicated and expensive to look after it! Well, my dear friend…until you get yourself a pony, a real pony…you can play this incredible pony game!

Game Walkthrough: Ok, so let`s see what you have to do with this cute and lovely little pony? Well, it seems that it is preparing for the contest of most beautiful pony in the village! You must help it look astonishing and win the first prize! So he is ready to accept all your suggestions! So come on…let`s start with the dress up! As you can see when you start the game, the lovely pony is shown right in the middle of the game screen, waiting to get prepared and dressed up by you! All the things and accessories are shown at the left and the right side of the game screen in those flower-like segments! So, all you need to do is to click on them and you will be able to see so many different things…earrings or pierces to decorate it`s ears, you can even make this pony a unicorn pony and you know what else? You can choose a horn in different colors! So if you want it to have a green horn or a pink one, you can have it! You can decorate it`s body with a variety of decorative and colorful marks, you can even apply a tattoo on its body! You can change the pony`s body color! You can even change the background…and this pony will automatically find itself in a totally new environment! You can change its tail and also make it in a different color! As you can see, you can play a lot here! It`s all your choice according to your own taste! When you are ready with your styling session you should click the 'show' button, to see well what you have done! But, if you are not pleased with the final result, you can just click on the reset button, and you can start all over again!

Game Instructions: Well, my dear friend all you need to dress up this lovely pony is your Mouse! So it`s all just clicking! Click with the left mouse button on the items shown there and enjoy! I hope that your pony will win the contest!!!

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