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Title: Donkey dress up game

Description: Donkeys are actually the smallest members of the equine family. This family also includes horses, zebras, and mules. Since their domestication over 4000 years ago, they have been a significant part of human civilization and culture. There are other names for donkeys….burros, jack-stocks and asses. All donkeys are descendants from the African Wild Ass, which is now in danger of extinction. Desert climates are their native environment and their ability to take out nutrients and water from plants that are not eatable makes them easy keepers for stabling. Relatively stronger than horses taking into account their size, donkeys are likewise capable under pack, bridle, or harness. They possess the same way of walking as horses, but they seldom run! Donkeys can live for more than 40 years, if they are taken well care of! A male donkey is called a Jack, a female donkey is called a Jennet or Jenny and their children are called foals. There are also wild donkeys and these herds are small and use their noisy bray to keep in contact with each other over remote places. The high temperatures and broken ground of their desert habitat probably made the notion of running implausible and so, instead of fleeing, donkeys are more prone to examine and calculate situations for possible risk and danger. Well, yeah, they are really, really intelligent animals and they also have a strong sense of self-protection. This is a characteristic that has often given them the underserved status of being stubborn. You have probably heard many times…don’t be so stubborn like a donkey! Well, my friend, donkeys are actually not stubborn. It is more suitable to say they are careful and no human force or gesture can make a situation safe if a donkey has decided it is dangerous. Donkeys are brilliant protectors to flocks of sheep and goats and also to herds of cattle. They have a natural and insistent dislike of coyotes, wolves and other canines, and also domestic dogs and will look after themselves and their companions strongly. As a herd animal themselves, they remain an integral, grazing part of the flock and so are always on hand to run down and trample a predator, or discourage it with a strong and well-aimed kick. With their indifferent and silent nature, donkeys are a soothing influence on their more playful cousin, the horse, and are excellent pets for young children. Donkeys are known to be reactive, humorous, snooping and friendly and need the company of at least one other donkey to be happy.

Game Walkthrough: The Donkey is here and he thought now that he is a big movie star, he should start wearing fashionable clothes. Well, it seems that he needs a little help from you! So come on, help him find the most suitable clothes for him in this fantastic dress-up game and make him look like a real movie star! In this funny and amusing dress up game you can actually give this donkey a complete styling! You can choose from the variety of clothes and accessories given on the right side of the game screen in those donkey-tail segments. You can choose his pants, the blouse or shirt, you can put him a shawl, a necklace, and even sunglasses and hats so he can look good on the red carpet for the movie premiere. If you are not pleased with the final result, you can start all over again by clicking the 'clear' button!

Game Instructions: Like in most of the dress up games, here you will also need to use your mouse only! Yeah, take your mouse in your hand and click on the items with the left mouse button! That`s all you need to do to make this donkey a real celebrity! Well, come on…be creative and enjoy in this dress up adventure!!!

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ponygirl9 (21 May 2012):
lol! love the game! Happy
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