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Title: Messenger Girl Game

Description: There was a time where there was no internet and e-mail, not even the fast planes and mighty ships that we, the people, usually use when we need to send a letter or a package on a particular place to particular person. Can you imagine how the people in the past communicated and organized the transportation of various goods necessary for the normal functioning of their daily life? And can you ask yourself, what are we going to do if we suddenly lose everything we have? It will mean that we will have to start all over, from scratch. So it would not be easy in any case. At least at the beginning, we will find that very difficult. We are used to very fast communication and transportation systems, so any delay would be disastrous. If something terrible happen to our civilization in the future, we will go back to some earlier systems of communication and transport that are much more primitive that the ones we have right now. But, we won't be able to complain, and we will be obliged to go on. So, what do you think for a classic transportation with the use of the good old horse power? Well, it is efficient enough and you will see that it will work, if you are ready for a long ride. Take a pair of boots with spurs and jump on the finest horse you have. It will take you to any destination you want.

Game walkthrough: You are a messenger and have received an important task, the one to deliver an important package to Ryan Fitzpatrick at the Shetland Classic Horse Show. And this is not all: you have to arrive at every of the destinations mentioned below and you must do that by the end of the day! Make sure you get there on time and keep the regular route through Bartow, Springfield, Puerto Villa and Yorkshire. Are you up to the challenge? Follow the instructions and the additional guiding tools on upper part of the screen. There is a progress bar that is telling you where you are at the moment and how much you have to the next destination. Also there is a timer that is telling you how much time you have left and how many steps you should make to get to the end. Play this cool game and find out, but if you are quick you can beat the clock. Good Luck and have a nice ride!

Game Instructions: To play this interesting game you should use your keyboard and the arrow keys. When the circle beneath you is red, you must wait until the movement indicator is green. You can move only when the circle underneath you is green. Well, to move to the middle square of the next row you should use the up arrow key; to move to the left square of the next row you should press the left arrow key; and to move to the right square of the next row press the right arrow key. To jump over obstacles press the left and right arrow keys together in the same time. There are many obstacles on the way and there are some objects that you should jump over like wood fences, puddles, stone walls and logs. It will also help you to avoid bushes, rocks and any other obstacles on your way.

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