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Title: Wild Amazon-Dress up game

Description: Have you ever heard about the term Amazons? We are not talking about people that live near the river Amazon or near the rainforest but we are talking about a nation of all-female warriors that can be found in Greek mythology and Classical antiquity. They were acting in the region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (modern territory of Ukraine) and there are many interesting stories related to them. The myth says that men weren’t permitted to relate with those women. Once a year, in order to prevent their race from dying out, they visited the neighboring tribe. All the male children that were a result of these visits were either killed, sent back to their fathers or leaved in wilderness to fend for themselves. On other hand females were kept and brought up by their mothers, and trained in agricultural pursuits, hunting, and the art of war. Some versions of the myth say that they didn’t kill the men but they keep them as slaves. According to this myth, the amazons should be considered as the first feminists in one extreme sense of the word. There is one other thing related with the myth of the Amazons that is little bit scary. The popular etymology says that the word amazons comes from a-mazos, what means ‘without breast’. They explain that according to some sources Amazons had their left breast cut off or burnt out. Supposedly the reason for doing that was they to be able to use a bow more freely and throw spears without the physical limitation and obstruction, but however in the pictures they are not presented like that.

Game walkthrough: Now you know so many things about those brave girl-warriors and it’s time to meet one. the girl in the following game is a true Amazon and there is she together with her horse, preparing to go in a fight. Your task in the following game will be to take care of her, to make her look nice but also to be properly dressed up and free to do all needed actions. Those girls are warriors first and then women so probably you should concentrate more on that side of their character, making her really prepared. Find a nice hairstyle for her, then go on with the clothes – find a nice top and a skirt, decide for some great boots, add some accessories and then go on with the weapons. It is extremely important for her to have a good weapon so you may choose between lance, sharp knife, sword, ax, or regular bow and arrow. After that go on choosing an interesting surrounding, to finish the whole picture. You may choose one combination, or you may continue to play with clothes and weapons, making new one for every possible occasion and every fight.

Game Instructions: You have job with real female warrior but actually you won’t need to fight in this game. We will leave that on this girl and we should concentrate on the dressing up. The girl is positioned in the middle of the picture, on the back of her horse, and she is waiting for you to take care of her outfit. The game play and the instructions will go like this. In the right side of the picture there is a row of icons that represent different pieces of her outfit. There is an icon for the hairstyle, for the top, the skirt, for boots, accessories, weapon and surroundings. Use your mouse for selecting certain thing. Click one on the preferred icon and another option will appear, click many times and you will see all available options. Repeat the same on all icons and when you find what seems best for you, leave it.

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ponygirl9 (21 May 2012):
awkward... Hmm...
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