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Title: Horse Car Sliding

Description: What you have in front of you is a picture of a cowboy on a horse with lasso at his hand. On the right side of the picture there is a very beautiful sports car that has very aerodynamic design. Someone might think that it is not so compatible. The one side represents the traditional world of the cowboys that use the horse as a means for transportation and travel, and the contemporary technology based world represented by the race for innovation and marked by high speed change. But, there is nothing incompatible in fact. It is just one picture that has two elements that are different, but they belong to one and the same reality. The whole picture can be seen at the bottom of the screen. But, the bigger part of the screen is in fact the same picture divided in equal squares that are 12 in total, arranged in four columns and three rows. They are mixed up and you can not in fact see clearly the whole picture, but only what is on the fragments. In fact, this is one of those games that are really a fine ground to help you train and then test your abilities to solve many different puzzles. If you ask why bothering with this game, we will give you the answer. You are interested in weapons? Well, you should know that your mind is potentially your finest and most powerful weapon. But if you do not use it enough, it will end like every piece of fire arms made of metal; eventually it will rust and corrode. Then it will be of no use. Don't let your mind slumber all the time, and start using it!

Game walkthrough: You should just start and then, step by step, with some effort, you will take those abilities on a higher level. Only one of the pieces is missing and that is because there must be a space to move and rotate the pieces. In fact, in this rotation of the pieces is the trick of learning how to get one piece from one side to the other. If you recognize some part and its real place then you should first try to move it nearer it original position. Another thing you should know is to move together some pieces that are already in place. Don't allow to be separated again, because the game will continue in infinity and you won't be able to restore the picture and solve the puzzle. But, if you don't try you will never know. So, let's go!

Game Instructions: To play this game you should just use the arrow keys on the keyboard or your mouse to move the sliding blocks. Try hard and maybe you will be able to restore the picture. To give up is not an option and we will not accept that! You must try hard enough and then you can be really proud of yourself. If you solve it, you should be! If not, then you may try some other games that won't overburden your brain. But, remember that will be a sign of weakness and giving up is a trait of those that do not believe in themselves. You are not one of them, we know that well!

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