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Title: Jumporama

Description: Horses are interesting to watch and to path them but also we know that they a crucial part in all kinds of equestrian sports. Jumping is one of the factors that play a major role in many equestrian sports, such as show jumping, fox hunting, steeple chasing, and eventing. The horse to jump alone is one thing but in those sports he jumps together with it its rider that sits on his back so the biomechanics of jumping, the influence of the rider, and the heritability of jumping prowess have all been the center of many researches. However, it seems that they have managed to act Ďas oneí and this discipline is something that takes a really wide range over the years. Other interesting thing related to jorse jumping is the set records. The world record for the highest obstacle cleared by a horse and rider was set on February 5, 1949 by Huaso and his rider, Captain Alberto Larraguibel. They cleared a fence measuring 2.47 meters high and this record has stood for 60 years. On other hand, the record for highest obstacle cleared by a horse and rider in a Puissance competition is held by Leonardo and his rider, Franke Sloothaak who in 1991, jumped a puissance wall standing 7 feet 10 inches high. Horses are in addition capable of jumping obstacles of great width and the world record long jump was set in 1975 by a horse named ĎSomethingí ridden by a Mr. Andre Ferreira when they jumped a distance of 8.40 meters. We have to admit that in these situations is about a really strong bonding between the rider and his animal, and many hours of hard training, because those results are really impressive, as well as the discipline by itself.

Game Walkthrough: Welcome in this amazing jumping adventure. As the name suggests, there will be a lot of jumping in the game and if you like to be good at something, you have to spend many hours practicing it. In this case you wonít practice alone, since you have your own horse riding coach, one sympatric French man, who will guide you through your jumping and will tell you all the secrets that should be known to become a great jumper. He will tell you when itís too late or too early to jump, when you are too close to the obstacle and things like that, so if you are not so successful at the beginning, you will know how to act the next time. When you feel that you are prepared enough, you may increase the speed of running and jumping at the same time, but we donít recommend you to do that before you get a full control over your animal. Every jump gives you a certain number of points, according to your successes, and when you get to the finish line and the level is over; you may perhaps get some award for your skillful riding and jumping, like new fancy saddle, cloths, bridle, or other useful equipment that will motivate you to be even better. Also know that the game gives you a chance for three mistakes, if you crash three times in a row, that is an end of the game, so be careful.

Game Instructions: And now since you know what is this game about, itís time to start playing. Instructions for playing this game are not difficult and go like this. Since itís Jumporama itís all about jumping, as you may imagine. For jumping you will use the space bar and your fast reflexes. For changing speed press left and right arrow keys. When youíll have to make higher jumps and spread fences combine both things, the space bar and the left and right arrow keys. At the bottom of the scene there is a line in which are positioned fields that speak about your scores, follow your progress according to them and you wonít have any problem.

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ponygirl9 (27 November 2012):


I love ponies
ponygirl9 (27 November 2012):
It's hard! Lln  !!!!!!!! I still <3 it tho! I <3 1d Happy  Clap hands  Clap hands    

From a big directioner/ horselover Happy
MagicCrazy445 (3 June 2012):
UGG! I cant get this down! Sad
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