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Title: Farm Animals Memory Game

Description: Maybe you are tired of the city and the busy life and noisy surroundings? All day long around all those concrete structures made you feel little. Well, it is a time for a fresh air out there in the wide lands outside the city. Welcome to the beautiful countryside, on this farm full of different domestic animals that are really enjoying their stay here. Not only you will learn more about each of the different animals on the farm, but also you can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful nature. This place is a real paradise. If you stay longer you would like to stay here forever. You won't miss anything that happens in the city. By the way the owner of this farm, who is a really friendly guy and a really nice man, has prepared an interesting game for you. It is his way to welcome you as a guest. Before you arrive there he was thinking about finding interesting way to show you the animals on the farm, but also to help you learn to recognize and differentiate the animals. The memory can be conducted in many different places and with many different motifs. The only think you should know is to be careful when selecting the fields. It is very important to do in with less possible tries. There are horses, pigs, chicken and cocks, sheep, cows etc. of, curse you know what they are but, now when they are hidden from the view you can not be so sure. That is why you should try this game and test your capacities for memorizing the different images.

Game walkthrough: What we have here are 16 squares ordered in 4 rows and 4 columns. They have a question mark on the reverse that you will see at start. You may ask, what should you do with them? Well, the main task is to show that you are able to recognize the animals and that you know how to pair them. So, you should just click on the cards to find the matching pairs. It means that the 16 fields or cards are paired in 8 pairs. At a time you can only click two different cards. If they are paired they will disappear and you will get some points for your effort. If not they will again turn on the other side with the question mark. Then you should try again. And that you should repeat until you open all the cards and all the animals are successfully paired.

Game Instructions: To play this game you should do nothing more that click on the cards. That is why you will need only your mouse to play this game. Just go to some of the fields and click on it to turn the card and see what picture hides there. Then go to another that you think that has the same picture to pair them. And so on, and so on, until you finally uncover all the pictures. It will mean that you are good at this game. But then you should try to do it again to see if you can do it quickly and to beat the previous score. Try to elevate your skill to the maximum. That goal can be achieved only if you practice hard and enough, every day. You should try this!

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