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Title: Empress Dress Up

Description: In the past there weren’t governments, presidents or prime ministers, there were kings and queens, monarchs that stand on the top of the state. Emperor is the monarch or the ruler of an empire and he is the male head of the state who reigns with the state till the end of his life. the emperor is the highest power of an empire and is the symbol of the state. On other hand Empress, is the female equivalent of the emperor. Empress could point to an emperor's wife or a woman who rules in her own right. Yes, those terms are often related with dictator or a king but there are delicate dissimilarities between these words. Emperors are above kings in rank and honor and however the highest authority of the empire may not be dictatorial in its attitude. The word emperor began to be used in the Holy Roman Empire and it actually originates from the roman word imperator which means ‘power of the sword’. After the roman emperor Charlemagne, the term was applied to refer to his successors or the heirs of the throne but it also has religious connotations and this title cannot be used until they were anointed by a coronation ceremony.

Game Walkthrough: And now we are back in the time of the emperors and the empresses. You will meet one beautiful empress. We don’t know still from which country does she come, but we know that she rules her empire all alone. She got her title from her husband who is now dead; he died in ambush in one dangerous battle but she managed to stay alive since she is really professional in fighting and using weapons. Now she has all the strings of the empire and she tries to rule well so she won’t lose her empire. But on other hand, she is a woman and there are many other things that concern women rather than battle, since fighting is not in their typical nature. Since she is a woman and a ruler of the state she has to be some kind of an example of appearance, attitude and honor and that’s why she has to take care of her look really carefully. Now you are in a role of a personal stylist of the empress. You see her standing there together with her beautiful white horse who is her best companion in all battles. You should help her dress up and it would be good if you make at least two combinations – one everyday combination and one battle combination. In her everyday combination she has to look decent and representative and she could let herself a little glamour, but for the battles is better to wear something more practical so she may easily move and ride and maneuver with the horse. You can choose between many wonderful hairstyles, dresses, shoes, swords and arrows, and ornaments so this will be a great fun for you, as well for the empress. Enjoy yourself girls!

Game Instructions: And before you start working, check out the controls needed for playing the game. You see your empress and her horse on the first picture and by clicking play you go in the next stage where you should start selecting clothes. There are 7 different items that represent a different piece of cloth. On the both sides of each item there are two arrows. By clicking on the arrows you can try all the combinations on the girl. Try out everything and stay on the variant that you like best. When you’re done, just click ‘done’ to see the whole combination but don’t stay at that stage, you are free to replay the game as many ties as you wish, making other amazing choices, suitable for different occasions.

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