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Title: Barbie and Pony Coloring

Description: How much do you know about Barbie? We know that you will have everything to own yourown shop with Barbie dolls, but let us hear some fact! Ok, we will help you! Letís start with her real name Ė itís Barbie Millicent Roberts and she comes from Willows, Wisconsin. It was 1959 when the company Matter brought to life the first Barbie doll, which appeared in black-and white striped swimsuit and signature ponytail. This doll cost 3 dollars and 300,000 Barbie dolls were sold that year. She has four sisters Skipper, Stacie, Kelly and Krissy, and one brother named Todd. Barbieís first pet was a horse named Dancer but after that had more than 50 other pets including dogs, horses, ponies, cats, and a parrot, but also wild animals like chimpanzee, panda, a lion cub, giraffe and a zebra. Barbieís boyfriend is Ken; they broke up on Valentineís Day in 2004 but they are back together. Best-selling Barbie doll ever was Hair Barbie, with hair from the top of her head to her toes, but that doesnít surprise us since girls adore making hairstyles. Statistics show that 90 percent of girls ages 3-10 who own at least one Barbie doll while the average number of Barbie dolls girls ages 3-6 own is 12.

During the years Barbie has tried in 08 different professions. We can see her as photo model, fashion editor, stewardess, ballerina, registered nurse, tennis pro, ice skater, astronaut, teacher, surgeon, Miss America, gymnast, actress, aerobics instructor, veterinarian, rock star and many other things.

But letís get back to the reality for a while. Yes, we all adore Barbie and thatís a nice thing but letís think, how is it possible precisely this doll to earn so big popularity that lasts so many years, since every year appear so many attractive dolls as well. The truth is that it takes approximately 100 people to produce one Barbie outfit - designers, pattern makers and stylists, so Barbie is another well prepared product, not just a princes from the fairy tales. And another interesting thing is that Barbie's wardrobe requires 105 million yards of fabric, which makes Mattel one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world.

Game walkthrough: Now meet once again Barbie, this time together with her cute pony horse. We canít be sure if itís about her first pet, the horse named Dancer, but itís definitely about a wonderful animal, willing to be friend whit everyone that he meets. After some period of riding in the nature, Barbie and her pony have decided to take a little rest and enjoy walking. This is the moment when this picture is made and it stands in front of you with a certain task that should be completed. As you can see, you only have the sketch of the pictures, only pure lines and no colors between them what makes the picture pretty simple and not so interesting as it was in real. Well, your job will be to color all the fields in the given picture on a way that you like. You can use any color as long as you think that it fits best. Let us help you just a little, for example pink is the favorite color of BarbieÖthe rest is up to you. Have fun playing with the colors!

Game instructions: Before you start, check out how will we play this game. You have the given picture and at the bottom of the picture there is a palette with all available colors. As you can see, you have few shades of each color so the full choice is quite big. First you should do is to pick a color and decide what do you wish to color in that color. After youíve selected the color, click on the preferred part of the picture that is marked with lines and thatís it. do this procedure many times, till you color the whole picture.

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magestic beauty (14 October 2012):
I like it because I like to paint in real life and in videogames. Happy  Happy  Wink  Wave
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