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Title: Unicorn Ranch

Description: Little ponies are really cute. Every child wants to have one as a pet friend. You have probably seen some of them. But there is something else that is not so easy to see around. Have you ever imagined that someday you will see a real unicorn? For long it was considered that they are imaginary creatures with magical powers that emanate from the single horn on their forehead. Usually the unicorn is a symbol of purity, chastity and goodness, and that is why it is beloved by everyone, especially by children. That is why they are haunting our imagination and we imagine ourselves surrounded by dozens of them. We want them to help us be better persons and we know that they have powers to help us do that. Now is the time to let your thoughts fly to the fantastic world of unicorns. Imagine that you are running a ranch with pretty little unicorns frolicking through the flowery meadows, taking care of the most exotic creature of all. They are so beautiful and colorful and you have half a dozen around you every day. Enjoy their company cause you won't find better. This is for sure!

Game walkthrough: While this is a game that offers you to enjoy the beautifully designed background that represents wonderful countryside and the natural surroundings in a village and a specially designed stable, it also gives you the opportunity to learn the importance of combining different elements. You will learn that if you have several different items or elements and you have the option to change each of them by changing their color or the material or the shape, then you will have a very big number of possible combinations. You should try this and you will see the powers and joys of creation. You will enjoy and you will have fun! It is also a possibility to test your skills. Imagine that you were asked to make an editorial for a fashion magazine that must include many photographs but they should be on the same theme. For example the theme might be a girl with a unicorn in the countryside. What would you do? You can choose the outfit and the haircut of the girl, with short or long hair. Then you can chose between different types of cowboy hats, trying different colors, or you can even decide that on some of the pictures she should not wear one. Not to mention that there are many different clothes, many pairs of shoes and boots. You are in charge now and your decisions are final. Try to make many different photos and try to use as many combinations as possible.

Game Instructions: To get the combination you want you should try as many options as you can. Use your mouse to move across the screen and click the left mouse button to list through the given possibilities. Click on the different icons that are clearly showing you what they are for. Enjoy in the vibrant colors of the scenery and we are sure that you will have fun! One day maybe you will become a famous fashion designer or art director, or maybe even artist. No one knows? So you better try!

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