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Title: Horse Judging

Description: We call it a horse show and itís consisted of judged exhibition of horses and ponies. Although these events last for three or four days and there are many different categories, the judges during the events also look at the horse Ė how heís built, body structured etc.

But even the untrained eye can see it when a beautiful horse comes into the picture. It doesnít even matter what color it is, black, white or brown, he or she is just a graceful creature and that usually leaves you with only one thoughtĖ I would like to own it!

Game Walkthrough:Now you are put in the position of being a horse judge. The one thing that makes this game difficult for you is that here, all of the horses are beautiful so you must look in the details to make the decisions. This is your chance to see that horse judging isnít just seating in a chair with pen and paper in your hands, itís also about making tough decisions. You might have never seen a horse in real life, but this game brings real life recreation of horse judging. There are lots of parameters that youíve never thought of that you need to give your opinion on. So that might confuse you but it will also broaden your knowledge about these interesting animals. However you can replay the game as much as you can, so at the end you can even become a real expert on horses.

Game Instructions:With the computer mouse in your hand, you can state your opinions about the horses we will put in front of your eyes. Click and decide what horse is the best one. So start with the judging!

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roseismygirl (7 April 2013):
love it
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