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Title: Bff in the farm dress up game

Description: Well, we all want to look beautiful, stylish and dressed up for some special occasions, but some people think that it is important to look stylish in every occasion ...even when you go to the market or just going for a walk. So according to this, girls who live on a farm, also must look fashionable! Yeah, that`s right! There are many designer collections that are inspired exactly by those farm outfits. And what is essential for this outfit is to be very comfortable because there are a lot of activities there on the farm that must be accomplished. So do you know what the most popular piece of cloth on the farm is? Their majesty the íjeansí! Yes, they are so popular! The material they are made of is called denim and it is actually a rugged cotton twill textile! First they were worn only by farmers or workers as a working uniform, because this material (the denim) was very resistant. But now they are the most exploited fashionable piece of clothing. You can wear jeans in every occasion and combine it with all kinds of shoes and tops!

Game Walkthrough: Come on girls! You are going to love this game! The game screen is divided into two sections. At the left side of your screen two beautiful girls are shown, and on the right side you can see the items you will use to style them. The items are also divided in two parts, and the upper one is for the girl on the left, and the lower one for the girl on the right. Well, first you can start with the hair. Choose from the offered hairstyles and also change the color of the hair. There is an option to change the chose the one you like the most from the palette of colors shown at the upper side of the game screen. To change their default hair style which they already have, you have to click on the hair and drag it to the empty place where the other haircuts are shown. There are so many different clothes you can play with. There are many kinds of blouses, shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants, shoes, sandals, boots, flats...oh, just start the game and you will be more than pleased with the countless number of items shown there. This means that you can use your imagination and creativity to make countless number of combinations playing with all these stuff. So come on...lets give the most suitable farm look to this two cute best friends! Yeah, they always want to dress similarly, so have this in mind!

Game Instructions: To play this game you should use your mouse. So come on! Take the mouse in your hand and dress up those two best friends! Just click on the items you want and that`s it! should also drag them to the right place. Oh, one more tip...if you place two or more items one above the other, you will have to click there and drag the one that you don`t like back to where it was before. It is all just click and drag! Also if you put a shirt first and then the shorts for example...and you want the long shirt to be over the shorts, just click on the shirt and it will immediately change. So that is basically it! Have fun and enjoy!

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ponygirl9 (21 January 2013):

lol made me and my barn friend emma! Happy  Happy
magestic beauty (9 November 2012):
Luv Luv LUV!!! THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy  Happy  Cool  Wave
horse_girl (7 August 2012):

horse_girl (16 June 2012):
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