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Title: Horse Rancher Game

Description: You may ride a horse or you have had that thought on your mind, but we are quite sure that you have never imagined that you may manage a horse ranch. That seems like something that is too serious, but in this game you will see that this is actually very fun! In real life there are some big businessmen that do this job, who posses certain skills that help them predict what should they do Ė what kind of horse should they buy, take a good care of it, evaluate its strength and speed and send this horse to some good races, then buy more horses, evaluate what will bring him more moneyÖ And some way, this will be your job in the following game, with one big and significant difference, and that is that you canít lose all your money if you make a wrong move in your investment. We mean, yes, you may lose money in the game, but that doesnít affect you since you are free to start the game from the beginning, as many times as you want. So see more concretely what this game is about and start your journey.

Game Walkthrough: As we previously mentioned, youíll be a horse rancher in the following game and you target in the game is to manage successfully a horse ranch. For that youíll have to buy horses and include them in certain races, that will give you more money, for buying new horses, so the business would go on. Since you are a horse rancher you will also get invitations to take part in races, and you should also give money for an entry fee. As you can see, this will be a longer process and in the time that time is limited on three years in which you have to develop your business. You start the game with certain amount of money but without a horse. With that money you can buy only the weakest horse in the horse shop but that doesnít mean that you canít manage to earn more money with him. Also donít forget so buy some food for your horse and start training him, so you would be prepared for the races. Short after, you will get an invitation to race and the entrance fees are free at the beginning. Race and try to get to the 1st, 2nd or the 3rd position because only those places win money. If youíve earn enough money, buy yourself better horse and include him in better races but if you still donít have money, race with him as many times as you need. The point of the game is to make yourself a strategy, how to invest and when to race, so you wonít lose races and money. Try to do that and avoid failing after 3 months pass

Game Instructions: So, here are the instructions for playing the game. When you are in a race you would have to whip your horse so he would run faster. For that youíll be using the space bar. At the same time you will have to look after the horseís stamina, donít push him too hard. If it turns red, that means that the horse runs out of energy so he may suddenly slow down. Try to balance with the stamina bar. Release the space bar when you see that there is no horse coming, so it will fill and become green, so you spare some energy. Once you spot that someone is behind you, give the force again. The other actions like visiting the shop, buying horses and food or entering a race will be performed with use of the mouse. Read what is asked from you and just click the option that you select.

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