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Title: Nicki Round Up game

Description: Living on a farm....have you ever thought about that? Well, it is certainly a great experience! Just imagine that fresh air and the beautiful and pleasant countryside around you; everything seems so peaceful and serene; the food is organic and healthy, so it is no wonder why many people from the cities want to live in the country far away from the noisy and crowded urban surroundings! Yes, countryside is definitely a great option if you like to turn to the nature again, but you should know that you can't just sleep, walk and eat there; there are many obligations on the farm! You will have to get up early in the morning and take care of all the animals! Do you think you can do that? Well, let's see! Many times you will have to run after them, because it is very likely for them to try to escape from the farm. So, you will have to use a lasso in order to catch them! Oh, like those cowboys, can you actually imagine yourself with the lasso?

Game Walkthrough: In this amusing game you have to help Nicki on the farm with her pigs! Probably someone forgot to close the doors of the barn and now all the pigs have gotten out! Nicki must stop them! So, the point of the game is to catch as many of those pigs as possible! So, you have to ride on a horse and go after those running pigs in order to catch them. This is not very difficult to do, because the only thing you should do is to aim with the mouse cursor at the runaway pigs and the lasso will automatically confine them. So, come on, try to touch as many pigs as you can with the lasso. The only thing that is difficult is the speed! Oh, maybe you won't believe but those pigs run really fast! So, you should aim with the lasso while you run after them, which makes it a little harder. You must concentrate well and be precise! When the points are considered, you should know that not all pigs will bring you the same amount of points, although they look the same, but the farther away the pig is the more point it will bring you. Also there are some bonus items you can get, so if you catch a brown rabbit, you'll get a brown lasso, so the pigs touched with this lasso worth triple more than their normal points! Well, go for the brown rabbit! And there is even more; if you catch a white rabbit it will restore one energy drop. You should be careful with the obstacles on your way; there are many bushes or even big stones, so if you hit some of those things you lose energy! The game will be over when the daytime timer shows that night has come or if you use up all three energy beads.

Game Instructions: To aim at those running pigs with the lasso as well as to navigate Nicki's horse to the left or to the right, you should use the computer mouse and you should press the left mouse button to throw the lasso. You need to press the space bar to make Nicki's horse jump. Basically that's pretty much concerning the control keys, now you have to use them right and to be very fast as well! Come on farmer, catch up those speedy pigs!!!

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