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Title: Create Pony

Description: There is no person in the world that doesnít adore horses, or if he doesnít adore them in the full sense of the word, who doesnít appreciate them or takes the as one of the most nice animals at all. And not to mention kids who are especially intrigued by small horses like foals or pony horses. They love everything that is small and cute and thatís what pony horses actually are. And even if many people think that ponies are actually baby horses, that is not true. They are specific type of horses that donít grow so big like the other horses. So even the grown up pony horses are cute as the baby ponies. So now itís time to make friends with one really beautiful pony. The game is titled ĎCreate Ponyí but the pony is already created in general and all you should do is to find the perfect colors, the perfect accessories and the perfect background and make it glow even more. This game has amazing colors and we think that little girls will especially like it, but also itís nice for all others that like to play with different shapes and colors, making beautiful things.

Game Walkthrough: As we said previously, the pony is here but you should take care of all the details that go with it. When you start playing the game you will see a lot of small hearts on the right side of the picture. Three of them have numbers from 1 till 3 while the others are in many different shades and colors. Number one gives you different styles for the ponyís fringe, number 2 for the mane of the pony and number 3 is for the tail. The hearts that follow under the number hearts are for changing shadows of different tufts of his fringe, his mane and his tail, the hearts in the middle are for changing color of the body while the ones on the bottom are for changing color of the lower part of the legs. When you are finished with that, itís time to find the more adequate eyes or simply the ones that look best on his, according to you. Continue by adding some nice tattoo like a star, notes, butterfly, fish, ball or an ice cream. The pony will look even nicer if you put something in its hair like flowers or tiara, or maybe you prefer more a hat. You may also put him a cute saddle, a scarf, a bell, or some nice jewelry for its tail. Just shoes and your pony is ready. If itís cold outside, decide for a nice boots or sandals if itís warm, or simply choose ballerina shoes and make it a real ballerina Ė pony. And all those items can be placed on particular place that is already determinate but also there are some beautiful flowers that can be placed wherever you like. Put some on the pony or if you think that it would be too much, spread them on the ground, around the pony, and make the whole picture look beautiful. Once youíve done that, choose a nice background and youíve done your work. If you have a printer, print the picture right away and you will have a wonderful picture that can be hanged on your wall at the moment!

Game Instructions: Your main skills that you need to have for playing this game are big imagination and creativity. Once you have that, the controls for playing are real piece of cake. All the items and actions are divided into categories so just click using the left mouse button on the arrows and you will go through them. For choosing colors or items, you will also use the mouse click and that goes for choosing background too. There is only one category where you should drag the item to the pony, and thatís the last category before the backgrounds where you can place the hearts wherever you like.

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