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Title: Mane Attraction

Description: In a land far away, or maybe in your dreams, who knows, there is a horse that is waiting for you to arrive and take care of. Now that you reached that place, you should prepare yourself for the parade that is organized in your honor. You are the bravest and most curageous knight in the whole kingdom, so everybody is going out to see you. For all those that are fond of fantasies and are willing to show their creativity this is the right place and time.

Game walkthrough: There are indeed many options that are on disposal to you. You can choose many different elements and make almost infinite number of combinations. You have six squares at the bottom of the screen and each of them will give you different possibilities. For example there are many colors of the body of the horse that you can choose from. You can choose between dark blue, dark green with light green spots, pure white, pink, then there is violet with some decoration with five pointed star, a combination of light and dark brown, dark brown and black as night. Then you can choose the leg color. You are offered four different options. You can choose between black pink and white, or even you can choose to have the legs of the horse in the same color as the body. One of the most striking elements and details is the mane color. This beautiful horse has very long mane and tale that can be colored Light yellow, black, red or violet. Your horse is a special one, and everybody knows that. But not many of them know that it is a unicorn that can hide his horn. So, now there is a possibility to show the beautiful horn on his forehead and even choose whether it will be a golden or silver one. But it is not all. This is the right moment to show his wings and fly over the crows that are on the streets waiting to greet you. You can choose white wings, black ones, or none. You can always choose to hide them. And at last there are some extras that include mask and saddle in two different styles, medieval armor or an Indian style painted mask with feather. So, in a way it is the end of our presentation. We have given to you the whole palette of elements, but probably you can sense that the many different combinations can be very interesting. At the end you should decide about the final appearance of the horse: So, you can try to be more modest, or scary, or maybe extravagant. You are the one that will have the final word. Now it is your turn to make your choices. Go ahead!

Game Instructions: Playing this game do not require big effort. You are not limited in time. You are the master of the whole situation. You should only need your mouse to click on the desired option. Just click the left mouse button and it will be done immediately. There are many possible combinations so, to be sure that you have chosen the right one, you should try more and more of them. There is no time limit for this preparation. You are the one in charge, so do not hurry too much. You should enjoy the parade!

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magestic beauty (20 June 2012):
SO BORING!! Sad  Sad  Sad  Clap hands
wolvesxponies (26 May 2012):
*Does meme face* Not bad.
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