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Title: Pennys Courageous Ride

Description: People should help each other through hard times. I know that this is not always the case, but thatís the way it should be. We should give each other a hand along the way and thatís the only way to be happier and more fulfilled. Donít you agree? Do you do that in real life? We believe that you do and you know the satisfaction you get out of that. Well, in this dynamic game we will completely recreate that feeling for you. We are putting you in that position, a hero that needs to help a friend in need.

Game Walkthrough:The character you are controlling is Felicity. She and her horse Penny need to assist a friend of theirs Ben. For the reason why, you will read when you start the game. Ben has run away and he is injured and hiding in the wood. Men are trying to catch him and arrest him and you need to find him before they do. You have your fastest horse in the stable and with your riding skills we believe that everything will be OK with Ben. Also along the way you need to go through obstacles, collect points and get to the end point as fast as you can. Put on your headphones, isolate yourself from all the obstructions and start playing. Also if you havenít ridden a horse in your life, this game will be extra interesting for you. You will see how does it feel and maybe the next step for you will be a real stable nearby to experience that in real life.

Game Instructions:Control Felicity and Penny by moving the computer mouse. Just slide the mouse in the direction you want for them to go and thatís it. Along the way you will come across fallen woods that you need to jump through and you can do that by pressing the space bar on the keyboard. Thatís it. The rest is your hands. Go on and help Ben!

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roseismygirl (7 April 2013):
i love horses but not as much as jesus my lord and savor Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Wave
roseismygirl (6 February 2013):
i won!!
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