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Title: Pillar dress up

Description: We know that little girls will love the following game really, really much because itís all about dressing up. And just wait to see who would you dress up, those wonderful animals on the farm!

Game walkthrough: With clicking Ďclick to playí starts you amazing dressing up adventure. A new window will pop out and first you should do in the game is to choose the animal that youíll be dressing. There is one beautiful horse, cute pig, a snake, an owl and a fly. They are all great but see which one do you like most. We said that youíll be dressing your animal but besides that youíll have to make whole compositions adding some interesting items like drums, a ball, maybe some scary things like skeletons, or some other animal that could be a pet to your animal. There are no rules of what should you choose, leave everything to your imagination and simply have fun.

Game instructions: There is a beautiful picture of the animal at the right side of the picture while on the left side are all available clothes. You should just click on the wanted piece of clothes, and drag it to the animal, on the place where it should be positioned. Also there are different backgrounds that can be added and you choose them by clicking on them. Sometimes it may happen that you donít like what youíve done and in that case you can use the eraser, just press that button and all items will be removed. If you donít like your character, you may easily choose new one, and that can be done by pressing the arrow button. There is another button that will be helpful for you and thatís the printer which means that you may print your picture if you like, so you can have it to hang it on the wall.

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