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Title: Forest Ride

Description: Horse riders usually ride their horses on some territories that are made just for that purpose, called hippodromes but itís a fact that they dream about riding their horse in some more natural environment like real forest or on mountain. It is possible in the movies or for some people that live in the country but for the people in the city this can be really hard to achieve. The thing is that those hippodromes are usually positioned near to the city where actually there isnít so huge forest, in the real sense of the word, so itís an activity that not all people may often enjoy.

Game Walkthrough: However, in this game riding a horse in the forest wonít be a problem because that is actually the base of the game. You are somewhere in the country and the forest is very close to you. You should ride your horse to the forest, facing many obstacles on your way. You should run fast to get to the final point before the time passes, but at the same time you should take care of the obstacles by jumping over them. While doing that, donít forget to hit the barrels containing fruits or water to gain extra points but also manage to avoid the empty ones .

Game Instructions: If you donít know German, donít worry at all because we will explain you everything so you can easily get the point and start playing. Before you start the game you should choose between two pictures, to choose where you want to ride, and then click Zum Austritt, to select the picture. Up arrow key will be used to accelerate, Down arrow key to brake, while the Left and Right arrow keys will use you to move left or right. for jumping over the obstacles youíll be using the Space bar. Donít forget to hit the hit the barrels for more points and have fun!

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sheilyne (28 August 2013):
its a good game Clap hands
mikaylahj (30 January 2013):
score of 600 Happy
mikaylahj (30 January 2013):
it's in german :P
Neusa (16 August 2012):
Cowgirl Up! (16 February 2011):
I seriously don't get the first part... ya know, the instructions? I can only read English language....
crazypony10 11 (2 December 2010):
It's pretty good. I know this is random, but has anyone tried Hobo Games? They are sooooo fun!
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