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Title: Fantasy Filly

Description: Even though there are so many dress up games, and you have probably already played like a dozen of them, it is very unlikely that they will become boring to us and we will stop playing them. This is especially true because of the fact that the makers of such games make sure that no game, and mostly the ones of same kind, in this case the dress up games, are never the same. And these games are especially important for us because they help us develop our creativity and sense of style which we can definitely not be without today, when the fashion is so important and a part of every personís life. The fashion and the way a person dresses, what he wears, can make a really strong impression and when you do not know a person, what he is wearing can tell you much about him.

Game walkthrough: In this next dress up game, you are going to have a task, and it will be to dress up a cute little pony. However, it does not matter that we are talking about a pony; you should dress him up the way you would like to look, if you were a pony. So, make your own statement and think about what people would say and think about you when they saw you dressed like that. And the great thing about this game is that you will be able to style the pony from heads to toes, or better yet, from mane to hooves. You can change the color of the mane and hooves, you can change the hairs style and the size and style of its tail, you can add horns to make it look like an unicorn, change the color of the hooves, give it wings, change the eye shape and size, put all kinds of accessorize on it, such as bows, leaves, and flowers. And the good thing is that once you are done, you can immediately start working on your next design.

Game instructions: When it comes to instructions, things could not get any easier. You will only need your mouse, which you will need to move around and then press the left mouse button when you want to choose something. The pony will be in the middle of your screen, whereas the inventory is going to be on the left side of your game screen. On the bottom of the inventory, you will notice numbers from one to four. This is for when you are done with the stuff in the first part, you need to click on the number two and it will open a whole new inventory with different stuff for you to put on the pony. And when you are done with the second one, you can go to the third and the forth. But know that you can also go from the first straight to the fourth; it does not have to be in order. So now that you have all the information that you need, you can move onto the game and start dressing up this amazing pony.

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