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Title: Little Pony Tea Party

Description: A tea party is very nice gathering that dates from very long time ago, and has its origin in England. It usually happens in the afternoon, when friends gather to have a cup of tea or some light beverage, and talk. And that’s exactly what will happen in the following and guess who will be the host of this party – it’s Rainbow Dash. All little girls know her but if you are one of the few that don’t know her, she is a Pegasus pony with body with sky blue color, and mane and tail in the colors of the rainbow. Rainbow Dash in the series is described as fearless and confident, but at the same time is impatient and superior. Her skills are the great speed and the skill to move clouds around the sky and adjust the weather but however, we don’t have anything with that since now she will prepare a tea party.

Game walkthrough: So, let’s start the party! Rainbow Dash is positioned in an empty room and on the right side of the picture there are two boxes with different items. On the top of the first one is written ‘Decorate your room’ while on the second it says ‘Dress Rainbow Dash’. At first you are able to see only few items but with clicking on the arrows that are in the boxes, you are able to see their whole content. The fist box has items that can be used for decorating the room like colorful balloons, tea pot, fancy boxes, chairs, ribbons and similar things, while the other box includes items that will help Rainbow Dash look beautiful for the party. There are amazing pink sun glasses, party hats, ballet shoes, tiara, butterflies and shinny necklace … Your job in the game is to design a perfect environment for the party, make the space be comfortable and proper for the purpose. Make a really good party atmosphere in which everyone will enjoy. After that is time to beautify Rainbow Dash. She is lovely in any case, but few accessories will make her look even nicer. There are not points or levels in the game. What is important is that you combine the items well, to make a beautiful picture of the pony and all those wonderful bright colors are definitely on your side, and there is not a chance the picture to look bad. Just use your imagination and enjoy decorating.

Game instructions: The actions in this game will be performed by using the mouse. Click on the item to select it, drag it to the wanted place and while still holding the left mouse button presses and release the button to drop the item on the place where it should be. If you select ‘re-do’, it will clear the whole stage and nothing would be there any more (not an item or something on Rainbow Dash) while with selecting ‘delete’, you will clear only one item you have selected. There is also one button that says ‘scale’ and with clicking on the plus, the selected item becomes bigger and you decrease it with clicking on the minus. When you are done, to download the picture to your computer, just use the ‘save’ button and you got it! Then you can place it as a background on your computer or print it and put it on your wall.

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