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Title: Big Zebra Coloring

Description: Did you know that zebras belong to the African horse family? Yes, they do! By the way they are very similar to horses!! But the difference is that zebras have very unique black and white stripes on their bodies! They can be seen in Africa running across those great savannas! Have you ever seen a real zebra? I guess you have seen one in the zoo, right? Or maybe on TV? Well, however, I hope that you know what a zebra looks like, because now you will need to use all the colors given there and color the big zebra! Can you do that?

Game Walkthrough: Well, yes, this game will give you the chance to color a zebra! Well, it`s so easy, you are going to love it! So, you will see a paint brush and a rich palette of colors shown at the left side of the game screen. So, you should bring the brush to the palette and choose your favorite color by clicking at it. After you do this, you should move your brush and get it to the place where you want to put the certain color! Well, as you probably know zebras have black stripes, but if you want, you can put a red or green color if you want! There are different hues of green, so you can make one part of the grass with a darker green, while the other with more vibrant green! But, anyway, it`s your choice! There are so many different colors around us! Everything has its own color! So, you can see a green grass or a green tree, a blue sky and yellow sun! You can see a red light or a violet flower! Oh, hundreds and hundreds of colors and hues! Have you ever wanted to be an artist and to be surrounded by palettes of different colors? Well, if you have, now you will have a chance to show us your artistic talents!

Game Instructions: Well, since this is a point and click kind of game you only need to use the mouse! So click with the left mouse button on the colors and spots you want to color! That`s it my dear friend! Now it`s your turn! Enjoy in this coloring adventure!!!

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